Du Toit Swanepoel Steyn & Spruÿt Attorneys traces its history back to as early as 1923 when Mr. P. W. Roos started this firm in the previously named Pietersburg.  Shortly after the end of the second World War he was joined by Mr. F. Van Zyl Slabbert and they practised under the name Slabbert & Roos Attorneys.

During 1950 the firm's name changed to Roos & Chaitow with the appointment of Mr. Max Chaitow as a partner and during the late 1950's the firm expanded its partnership when Mr. Steve Du Toit joined the firm.  Mr. Du Toit retired as an attorney in 1986.

During the sixties Mr. A. C. Swanepoel joined the firm and the firm became known as Du Toit & Swanepoel Attorneys until it was joined by Stefan Steyn in 1985 and Corné Spruÿt in 1996.  Mr. A. C. Swanepoel also retired as an attorney on 28 February 2001.

Our firm currently has two partners namely Stefan Steyn and Corné Spruÿt.  Mr.  Steyn was admitted as an attorney on 26 January 1988 and as a conveyancer on 12 March 1996.  Mr. Spruÿt was admitted as an attorney on 18 June 1998.